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Annabelle Borke as Augusta Hawkins
Gabriel Palma as George Knightley
Tamara Ashton as Miss Taylor
James Borke as Mr. Woodhouse
Scott Huard as Mr Weston

The 413 Project Presents:


A play based on the beloved story by Jane Austen

June 2nd-11th 2017

Emma Woodhouse is a pretty, clever and rich girl living in 1815 Regency England. After she matchmakes a marriage for her governess, she begins to unsuccesffully try to pair off the entire village of Highbury. Filled with comedy, romance and intrigue, Emma is a "Comedy of Manners" based upon the beloved story by Jane Austen, read by millions and adapted into multiple plays, books and Hollywood movies.

Our performance features a cast of over 12 professional Los Angeles actors set in the beautiful historic Madeline Mansion located in downtown Pasadena. All performances include a full High Tea meal and drinks.

Madeline Garden Bistro & Venue

1030 East Green Street

Pasadena, CA. 91106

Emma Gallery
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