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The World of Little Women the Musical

There are many details which are behind the story of the March family.

Setting the Scene:

Time span – December 1863 to the early 1870s.

The March Family was once wealthy – back when Meg and Jo were little girls, and Amy probably hadn’t been born yet. They lost most of their money when Mr. March was swindled by an investment company (Very Nicholas Nickleby, eh?).

Because of LMA’s upbringing and philosophical ideals, we can assume that the March family is of Transcendentalist and Unitarian persuasion – many of the same traditions as typical Protestant or Evangelical Christians, but with a greater emphasis on human potential.

Before “An Operatic Tragedy”:

The Civil War has been raging for 2 years.

It would be known as the War Between the States at the time.

The Battle of Gettysburg had been fought that July. The tide has turned in the Union’s favor, but things are still up for grabs.

The girls’ father is away as a chaplain in the Union Army

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